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Please never stop writing me letters.

Friday, 24 February 2012 @09:22

"Please never stop writing me letters - they always manage to make me feel like my higher self".
(Robert Lowell)
Please never stop writing me, listening, just being there for me. With me.

Robert Lowell to his lifelong friend Elizabet Bishop, words between poets. Une amitié amoureuse.


How far or how close from me are you? Tell me, so that I know whether you’ll close your eyes, when I kiss you now.

Friday, 17 February 2012 @07:41

"How far or how close from me are you, Ingeborg? Tell me, so that I know whether you’ll close your eyes, when I kiss you now".
(Paul Celan)
This is why I just close my eyes, each time your name blinks on my phone. Your words: a whisper, a caress, the lightest of kisses.

Thanks to Thamara, who loves letters, postcards, words on paper, words that travel long, before reaching you; thanks to her, here I am, reading Celan’s words from 1949. Words to Ingeborg Bachmann, the woman he wrote to for 19 years. Words of poets. But read how strong, how powerful his words are in German, the language of their correspondence:

"Wie weit oder wie nah bist Du, Ingeborg? Sag es mir, damit ich weiß, ob Du die Augen schließt, wenn ich Dich jetzt küsse".

You never left me, I know. You’ve only set up home inside my dreams.

Friday, 10 February 2012 @09:50

"Where do people go when they die?
Somewhere down below or in the sky?
I can’t be sure, said Grandad, but it seems
They simply set up home inside our dreams"
(Jeanne Willis)
And you never left me, I know. You've only set up home inside my dreams.

Jeanne Willis writes stories for children. But these verses are taken from a poetry anthology for grown ups: "Staying alive", Bloodaxe Books.


Life is being kidnapped by reality.

Friday, 3 February 2012 @09:51

"Life is being kidnapped by reality".
(Olaf Nicolai)
And I hope that my hijacker it's you.

Today I stole my Buongiorno from a friend, Olaf Nicolai, an artist: one of the big names of conceptual art in the world. I normally don't understand much of what he's doing (conceptual art is not my cup of tea, hèlas), but he has just surprised me with a beautiful, poetical work in Roma. It's a show in the Giorgio de Chirico house, right in piazza di Spagna, almost frozen in time (he died in 1978): his books, his furniture, his paintings, even his bottle of Punt e Mes, his favourite drink. A young art curator has invited artists from all over the world to interact with de Chirico and his work. And Olaf Nicolai, well, he invites us to write: he put an old Olivetti 22 in de Chirico's studio. And the installation is you: you sit at de Chirico's table, you write a letter (if you're still able to type, that is) on the old Olivetti, on monogrammed paper, and de Chirico (the foundation) sends the letter for you. Very, very metaphysical, as he was.... But very poetical too.
The show is called "D'après Giorgio" and is open till the end of 2012:
If you're in Roma, go and write a letter. More metaphysical, nowadays, than an sms.


Lisa Corva

Yes, I write. Yes, I believe in the magic of words. That’s why you’ll find me here, every Friday: Lisa “globish”!

I believe in the magic of words, and I believe Piazza Unità in Trieste, where I was born, is the most romantic square in the world. (And yes, it’s in Italy, proudly facing the sea). I love roses in every form. And, of course, I do love my blog, expecially now that I can carry it around on my iPhone.