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Almira and why fashion loves sneakers: the right dress for the bike and a spring day.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 @09:45

I’ve known and liked Almira Sadar’s fashion for a long time, but we never really discussed it, in a more, how to say, intimate way. So it was really a surprise to discover her non-nostalgia attitude, her icons, and her pleasure in "athleisure" (I didn’t know the word, but know I understand and share the feeling). Casual, light fashion to wear in these spring days, to go by bike to the park and in the evening to the movies, exactly what she does. Discover Almira’s collection here:
And her lifestyle, here:

In your new spring/summer collection, which is the item you really like and you will wear yourself?
I like all what is "athleisure" look, because it’s light, easy and multifunction: clothes I can wear to ride on my bike, walk on Rožnik, one of our city parks, or in the evenings to the movies.

Your bestseller: the foxes-scarves and the scarves "with holes", made with laser cut. Why are they so successful, in your opinion?
Because of their hidden humor – that everybody notices.

A dress – in the history of fashion – that you wish you had designed. Or a fashion designer that really impressed you.
Coco Chanel: a strong woman, really iconic, and a pioneer in fashion. I keep on re-reading her sentences, still absolutely contemporary. My favourite: "Il y a les gens qui ont de l’argent et il y a les gens qui font riches", here are people who have money and people who are rich.

More women icons?
The fashion designer Miuccia Prada, the designers Petra Blaisse and Patricia Urquiola, the artist Tracey Emin: maybe because I’d love to be how they are.

The artist whose work you would collect, if you could.
The Textile Books of Louise Bourgeois.

Are you more a bag person or a shoes person?
A shoes and a sneakers person.

Do you ever wish you could leave home without a bag, only with what you can put in your pockets? And, in the contrary, if you open your bag, what do we find?
I adore my Macbook air, which fits in every bag. I can bring it wherever I go. But when I’m without my bag I feel without responsabilities, almost mischievious!

Open your wardrobe for us: is there a dress (a coat, a sweater, a pair of shoes) you could never give away, because you’re specially attached to it? And why?
I’m not a nostalgic person: this is why I never keep old things or memories. When I buy something new, I give something away.

The last piece of clothing or accessory you bought?
A white T-shirt. Because I was so impressed by the drawings of one of my students, that I asked her to print them on the T-shirt.

Your most beloved place in the world. Where you really feel you.
Luckily I have plenty of them. And I hope I will find more.

The last book that made you laugh… or moved you to tears.
"The First Bad Man" by Miranda July, really made me smile. As for books which move you to tears, I don’t like them. I put them aside. It recently happened with the cruel and much talked of "A little life", by Hanya Yanahigara, which I didn’t like at all.

A small moment of daily happiness...
My morning walk with my dog, even if it rains! The earlier I go, the nicer and quieter it is. I love it.

Is there a sentence (a mantra, a poetry, a slogan) that you identify with?
Life goes on.

Your personal style signifier?
My bike.

Do you ever see clothes/shoes/jewels in old paintings or movies and wish you could bring them home?
I’m not so keen on possession. I’d rather say "I like it" instead of "I want it".

Hand-made, and local tradition, is important for you in your personal fashion research? Why?
I believe in beauty and quality hand made items; fashion without human’s touch and soul can’t be good.

Something your mother/grandmother wore and you still remember.
My mum’s high heels in every occasion, and her fur coat as a socialist status symbol for every special occasion.

You studied architecture, you married an architect. Is there an architect (woman/man) you particularly like, and why?
I admire and respect every successful woman architect, but I also believe that this is mostly a profession for men. My favourite woman architect is… a writer: Arundhati Roy, who after "The God of Small Things" became a political activist. Her second novel, "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness", after a gap of two decades, will be published this year. I’m eagerly waiting.

You have a daughter. What is the most important message you have been trying to reach out to her?
Be who you are.


L’amour est une aventure obstinée.

Friday, 10 March 2017 @10:25

"L’amour est une aventure obstinée".
(Alain Badiou)

Love is a tenacious adventure.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Today's quote is a mix between the french philosopher Alain Badiou and the english writer Samuel Beckett. Today's quote is all of us, Incurably Romantic.

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