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Do you know, that you live in my house of dreams?

Friday, 18 May 2012 @07:43

"Do you know
That you live in my house of dreams?"
(James Laughlin)
You. My love.

James Laughlin is an american poet. Poets know how to live in houses of dreams, and show us the way.

Oh, to be a leafing tree...

Friday, 6 April 2012 @09:01

"Persephone wears bluejeans

now but she’s the same sweet

girl it’s spring up again and up

from the underworld she comes

the laurel on her brow

bringing the seed that will

renew the earth and draw all

flowers and plants again to

birth she melts the snow she

calms the sea now all the things

grow she is the leafing tree".

(James Laughlin)

That’s how I feel, this spring. After so much walking in the dark. A leafing tree.


Living as he now lived, was like reading a good book in a poor translation.

Friday, 4 March 2011 @08:47

"Living as he now lived was like reading a good book in a poor translation."

(Henry James)

I don’t need a new life, a new pattern, a new book. I just need a new translation for the story of my life.

"Portrait of a lady", by Henry James: one of my favourite books ever. But how I loved Jane Campion’s movie, leaving a door open for Isabel Archer, a new possibility to rewrite her life, to find a better translation for her eager need of love.

Lisa Corva

Yes, I write. Yes, I believe in the magic of words. That’s why you’ll find me here, every Friday: Lisa “globish”!

I believe in the magic of words, and I believe Piazza Unità in Trieste, where I was born, is the most romantic square in the world. (And yes, it’s in Italy, proudly facing the sea). I love roses in every form. And, of course, I do love my blog, expecially now that I can carry it around on my iPhone.