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So, what would Simone de Beauvoir do?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 @14:03

A friend arrives on the island where I spend my summers, with a fat, bulky book: the letters Simone de Beauvoir wrote to Nelson Algren, the love of her life (and no, I’m not talking about Sartre, of course), the Chicago writer who inspired her most sensual pages, and the heartbreakingly beautiful chapter of "Les Mandarins". A chapter which is a novel itself, a short story, a love story – their love story. It all began in 1947, in post-war America; a time when lipstick and stockings were still a luxury, when love across the ocean meant waiting weeks for a letter. No cell phones, no e-mails, just raw desire.
What a vintage reading for a 30something old girl, I think. I haven’t read Simone since my twenties, when I was madly in love with a man who lived on the other side of the ocean, as Simone. And my new friend is in love too, with one of my oldest friends, a man she came to meet, here on the island.
So what would Simone do?, I ask her. I do ask her, because although we have everything we need - deep blue sea, mediterranean bliss, a man we love (who, luckily, isn’t the same) - we don’t have an answer. At least I don’t, I don’t have an answer for her, I can’t predict if this man will love her back. Love, love is unpredictable.
So what would Simone do? She would just love. She would not renounce to love, and at the same time she wouldn’t renounce to be herself.
I’m not sure if this is what she tried to pass on to us, a new generation of women, of reloaded "filles rangées" – but this is what I’ve learned.

(And, by the way, I’m not sure she would approve of Vanessa Paradis starring as herself, with Johnny Depp as Nelson Algren, in a movie about their love affair - the director will probably be Lasse Halstrom, who directed Chocolat. But we’ll see. Even movies are unpredictable, as love).


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